Helping You Identify Foods That Trigger Your Symptom

The food allergy nutritionist working with us at Disease Prevention LLC can be a lifesaver for many families. By keeping them from eating foods that are known to cause a reaction and avoiding foods with unknown allergens, a person with a food allergy can live a healthy life. Most allergic individuals know to avoid certain foods, but sometimes, even the best advice from a doctor is not enough. The food allergy nutritionist can help the patient identify foods that trigger their symptoms so that they can avoid them in the future. At times patients may have food intolerances or sensitivities to certain foods. The Dietitian can help map out areas with appropriate diagnostic labs and help navigate the patient. This helps minimize exposure to foods patient maybe reacting to and not be aware of.

Providing the Support You Need

Once you hire our registered dietitian for your loved one, you will share the joys and sorrows of caring for someone with a condition that requires a special attention. While some people may have trouble finding the time to care for someone with allergies, our nutritionist for food allergies will be there every day to help them. There are times when they must stay up late nights to help the patient who has been diagnosed with the condition so that they can feed themselves. It’s not easy to watch someone you love suffering from this condition, but it is important to provide as much support as possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

Let Us Make You Feel Safe and Comfortable

As with any relationship, you have to be open and honest with your family members. Your family member may have issues that will affect your relationship. For example, if the family member has trouble sleeping because of a bad reaction to a food, then our food allergy nutritionist in Cary, NC has ways to find the source of the problem and deal with it accordingly, as well. It’s important to make sure you feel confident that you and your loved one have worked with an honest, truthful, caring and competent individual. At Disease Prevention LLC we make you feel safe and comfortable.