I had the pleasure of working with Aparna Veeramachaneni when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and going into chronic kidney disease. I was in a high risk to start dialysis as i was diagnosed with uncontrolled Diabetes affecting my kidney function. Aparna took the time to help me understand the diabetic diet and how to keep my blood sugars in check thereby slowing the progression of kidney disease. I was able to delay dialysis for 3 years and finally had to start on Dialysis. Fortunately Aparna worked at the dialysis center where i was doing peritoneal dialysis and helped me manage my diabetes and renal diet without any issues. She took the time to explain the foods and how to incorporate in ones daily lifestyle. She was available for help at all times and was happy to provide guidance, recipes, suggestions, and more, throughout my experience with her. She did so with a positive attitude and a reassuring demeanor. Aparna was very well equiped due to her indian background, she helped me pick indian foods which was my daily diet. She was non judgmental about my picky eating tendencies and was able to help me build a meal plan that not only factored in my eating preferences but also the lack of time I had to prepare and eat meals that required a lot of time while being on dialysis daily. This made working with Aparna very practical and a pleasure. Aparna made a stressful situation much easier and through the process I was able to change eating habits that helped me stay healthy and have fewer hospitalisations related to dialysis and uncontrolled diabetes.